Jaltest ADAS

Jaltest Telematics, the ultimate solution for managing your fleets


The Jaltest Telematics system enables remote diagnosis, defects can be preventively warned. The fleet control center receives the performance reports and the driving behavior can be displayed. The following features also apply: track & trace, fleet management, consumption / braking behavior (optimization of vehicle costs), tachograph download, remote diagnostics, error code warnings, brake wear, temperature management of refrigerated vehicles, ...


  • Maintenance scheduling useful driving advice

  • Display driving times, rest times, ...

  • Exact location in the event of a breakdown on the road

  • Accurate error detection

  • Faster vehicle repair

  • Good planning = higher returns



The main advantages are as follows:


  • Cost control

  • Increasing the efficiency and efficiency of your fleet

  • Lower fuel consumption

  • Driving optimazation

  • Reduction of maintenance times

  • Improvement of time management

  • Order management improvement

  • Decision Support Tools


All this contributes to increasing profits by providing better service to its customers.