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Jaltest ETM
Electronic Test Module

Jaltest ETM is the supplement to the Jaltest diagnostic device. It allows you to check the operation of the various electronic modules in commercial vehicles.

This module can check the components in a separate way. Communication with the components is thereby established. The module confirms whether these elements are really damaged or whether the fault lies in associated elements such as wiring, control unit, etc.

Jaltest ETM module covers a large number of EBS electronic modules:

  • Wabco first, second and third generation

  • Knorr second and third generation

  • Knorr trailer control modules

  • ABS/EBS inductive wheel speed sensors and brake pad wear sensors

Outstanding features

  • It avoids wrong diagnostics tasks and the replacement of components due to problems with the wiring or the control unit itself.

  • It performs accurate and advanced diagnostics of EBS modulators in their entirety.

  • It performs an End of Line (EOL) test to ensure the correct operation of the components.

  • It provides coverage for commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers and light vehicles, as well as for agricultural machinery, construction machinery and vessels.


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More testing equipment

Adblue/DEF Module

Equipment for cleaning crystallised AdBlue/DEF residues in the dosing module, the injector line and the injector.

It applies to: NoNOX system, Emitec AdBlue/DEF system, Albonair AdBlue/DEF system.

Jaltest SST

Jaltest SST is a small portable device designed to check the proper functioning of active and passive speed sensors. The device has two modes of use that include tests of both the sensor and the ECU to which it is connected.

Jaltest PTE

Jaltest PTE is a mobile tool, which has been developed to test the power supply and the signals that are sent between tractor and trailer, such as lighting, flashing lights and CAN communication.

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