Jaltest software

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  • Fast installation and handling. Optimised software to reduce the installation and update time, as well as a shorter response time.

  • Customisable. Responsive design that adapts to all screen types and sizes. It enables the user to configure the shortcuts, customise the working area and define the visualisation according to the user needs.

  • Elegant design with brighter colours. Clean, minimalist and elegant design to favour the visualisation of graphics, icons and colours.

  • Everything in one single display. It offers the user all the information they needed in one single display. It enables them to visualise the maximum number of functions, make a search, etc.

The design makes it possible to determine the vehicle type, model and system in a guided and intuitive way. Its display contains easily recognizable icons.

Easily navigate through the application to get data on errors, description, frequency and whether or not they are in the vehicle.


You can simultaneously combine the querying of values ​​and measurements with their range of reference values.

At the same time, you can exchange information with the devices, by operating components and performing the various tests available on the vehicle, such as cylinder cutouts, compression tests, cylinder balancing, binary states, etc.


Copying and pasting parameters is also possible.


  • Automatic recognition of the systems of your vehicles

  • More than 14000 trademarks integrated

  • Troubleshooting

  • Instrumentation of measures and actuations

  • Client portfolio management

  • Information about the location of the connectors

  • Information about the cables and connectors to be used

  • Translated into 23 languages

Examples of the Jaltest software