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With us, customers are not left to their own devices and enjoy ongoing technical assistance and basic training on delivery. The after-sales service is entirely in-house and we also organise courses and demos at regular intervals.

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Our courses are not only based on the system knowledge, but also on diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Technical support

For a repair, training/assistance or a demonstration of Jaltest, you can reach our service on +32(0)52 41 44 70 or request your repair/technical assistance here.

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Large database

Jaltest Software has access to brand-specific diagrams, manuals, technical data, ...

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Spare parts, assistance and knowledge is what we stand for.

Contact us by phone, email or through our social media channels.

Diagnostic possibilities

Sanders Parts is the official supplier of the Jaltest diagnostic systems throughout the Benelux as well as the main supplier in Belgium. With Jaltest we are convinced that we can offer you a multi-brand diagnostic device in which we can make the difference. This is due to a wide range of possibilities: The after-sales service is fully managed in-house and we also organize courses and demos at regular intervals.

  • Calibrating clutch, air suspension height,...

  • Programming injectors, brake pressures,....

  • Controlling engine braking, lighting,...

  • Compression test, adblue pressure test,...

  • Read out, erase error codes

  • Error code help, troubleshooter, location display of defective parts,...

  • System reset

  • Tightening torques, adjustments, spellings, technical info,...

  • Manual procedures and tidbits

  • Repair times

Statistic calculating
  • Good planning > higher returns

  • Driving behavior driver > lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs (brakes)  

  • Exact location in case of breakdown on the road > display nearest service

  • Possibility to read the car remotely and to take the necessary spare parts with you. As well as determining whether it is still safe to drive to the nearest workshop.

  • Tacho remote download with backup

  • Display driving times, rest hours,...

  • Schedule maintenance > brake wear, oil change,...

  • Forwarding data such as temperature refrigerated truck,...


Jaltest Diagnostics offers customization. Specify your needs, vehicle type and desired coverage and we will show you the ideal hardware and software kit that suits you.

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