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Robust and compact hardware that's easy to transport.

All products in the Jaltest range are designed to meet the most stringent requirements and needs of garage technicians in terms of service assistance. The diagnostic systems are also designed and equipped for extreme working and weather conditions.

Jaltest CV kit

The Jaltest CV kit is intended for workshops that perform repair and/or maintenance services on different types of commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, trailers, light commercial vehicles or pick-ups.

Jaltest MHE kit

Jaltest MHE (Material Handling Equipment) is the leading repair kit when it comes to efficiently performing diagnostic and maintenance tasks in forklifts, telehandlers, aerial work platforms and similar machines.

Jaltest ETM

Jaltest ETM s an extension module of Jaltest, used to check brake modulators and sensors directly on the parts themselves.​

Jaltest ETM module covers a large number of EBS electronic modules.

Jaltest PTE

Jaltest PTE is a mobile tool developed to test the power supply and signals transmitted between truck and trailer, such as lights, indicators and CAN communication.


The cables are needed for reading out vehicles. The diagnostic cables are suitable for diagnostic interface Jaltest V9. Click below and see the cables you need for each vehicle.

Jaltest AGV kit

Jaltest AGV is the Jaltest diagnostic kit aimed at diagnosing and servicing all types of agricultural machinery. Therefore, it is ideal for workshops that repair tractors, harvesters, chippers, grape harvesters or telehandlers, among others.

Jaltest Marine kit

Jaltest Marine is a complete maintenance and diagnostic tool for boats, jet skis, outboard and inboard engines and stationary engines.

Adblue/DEF Module

Equipment for cleaning crystallised AdBlue/DEF residues in the dosing module, the injector line and the injector.

It applies to: NoNOX system, Emitec AdBlue/DEF system, Albonair AdBlue/DEF system.

Jaltest HIK

Jaltest HIK (Handy ISOBUS Kit), portable Jaltest ISOBUS device with wireless technology, designed to connect and control any ISOBUS agricultural implement (ISO11783).

Jaltest Rugged PC

The Jaltest rugged PC is for automotive technicians that specialise in repairs and maintenance. It features Windows 10 Pro. This is the ideal PC for diagnostics.

Jaltest OHW kit

The Jaltest OHW kit is designed to perform maintenance and diagnostic tasks in off-highway and construction vehicles, such as cranes, excavators, dumpers, stationary engines, cleaning machines or road maintenance equipment.

jaltest-link V9-70001015_04_edited.jpg
Jaltest link V9

One Jaltest interface for all your vehicles. The Jaltest link V9 is a vehicle communication interface compatible with regulations RP1210 and SAE J2534 (Pass-Thru), allowing connection to diagnostic devices from different manufacturers.

Jaltest SST

Jaltest SST is a small portable device designed to check the proper functioning of active and passive speed sensors. The device has two operating functions that include tests, on the sensor and the ECU to which they are connected.

Jaltest ADAS

ADAS systems are advanced driver assistance systems. Their functions include managing adaptive cruise control, object detection or lane departure.

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