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Jaltest the multibrand diagnostic system

The multi-brand and multi-system diagnostics tool Jaltest Diagnostics has been designed and developed to carry out the most advanced tasks of diagnostics and vehicle maintenance, in a simple and intuitive way.

It provides coverage for commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers and light vehicles, as well as farm equipment, construction equipment and ships.

More than diagnosis

You have access to a wide range of functionalities that will easily guide you through the entire repair process. Jaltest has the best schematics and technical information on the market.

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Wide coverage

With a single device you will be able to perform diagnostic tasks in all types of vehicles and a large number of makes, models and systems.

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Fully configurable

Jaltest Diagnostics offers customization. Specify your needs, vehicle type and desired coverage and we will show you the ideal hardware and software kit that suits you.

Workshop management

This gives you a clear administration. In addition, you can easily manage work orders, repair times, customer data and vehicle data.

Constant innovation

The software includes three updates per year adding new makes, models and diagnostic systems to keep your workshop up-to-date.


Do you have questions during the repair process? We offer specialized technical support and customer service, so you can get started right away.

Diagnostic solutions

Commercial vehicles

The Jaltest CV kit is intended for workshops that perform repair and/or maintenance services on various types of commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, trailers, light commercial vehicles or pick-ups.

It offers full coverage three times a year, including for new makes, models and systems, ensuring permanent feature renewal.

To offer the customer an even more flexible solution, Jaltest CV offers the possibility to purchase modular software licenses for:

  • Tractors or trucks

  • Certain makes of commercial vehicles

  • Trailers and semi-trailers

  • Light load


The Jaltest WIP kit has been developed to perform maintenance and diagnostic tasks in off-highway and construction vehicles, such as cranes, excavators, dumpers, stationary engines, cleaning machines or road maintenance equipment.

Like the rest of the Jaltest modules, it offers a wide coverage of brands, models and systems, as well as a wide variety of cables to make direct connections in the vehicle.

Jaltest WIP includes complete technical information and troubleshooting guides, making it the industry's leading diagnostic tool.


Jaltest Marine is a complete maintenance and diagnostics tool for watercraft, jet skis, outboard and inboard engines and stationary engines.

With a wide coverage of models, brands and systems, Jaltest Marine is fully focused on the technicians who carry out marine repairs. They have collected the best technical information for you and developed step-by-step troubleshooting instructions, making Jaltest Marine an advanced diagnostic tool.

Agricultural vehicles

Jaltest AGV is the Jaltest diagnostic kit aimed at the diagnosis and maintenance of all types of agricultural machinery. That is why it is ideal for workshops that repair tractors, harvesters, forage harvesters, grape harvesters or telehandlers, among other things.

It covers a wide variety of makes, models and systems, and offers an extensive range of cables that allow direct connections into the vehicle.

Like the rest of the licenses, Jaltest AGV offers the best technical information in the industry and will assist in the entire repair process through simple and user-friendly instructions.


Jaltest MHE (Material Handling Equipment) is the leading repair kit when it comes to efficiently performing diagnostics and maintenance tasks in lift trucks, telehandlers, aerial work platforms and similar machines.

It offers full coverage, including software updates 3 times a year for both new makes, models and systems.

Like the rest of the kits, Jaltest MHE provides technical information, troubleshooting guidelines. As well as many other useful tools for technicians during the repair.

Jaltest link V9

One Jaltest interface for all your vehicles. The Jaltest link V9 is a vehicle communication interface compatible with RP1210 and SAE J2534 (Pass-Thru) regulations, which allows connection to diagnostic tools from different manufacturers.

  • Maximum connection speed

  • Usb and subd26 connector protection (poka yoke model)

  • Robust electronics and improved communication options

  • Shock absorption

  • Compact and light

Additional Modules

Jaltest GRP

GRP (Garage Resource Planning) is the workshop management software. With this software you can organize and manage your daily activities in a flexible way.

It ensures that the information from customers, vehicles and reports is bundled. It distributes the workload in an efficient manner. Moreover, you can access the database anytime, anywhere.

The GRP module is the ideal solution for small, medium and large workshops. This solution consists of several features that can be activated for free, depending on your needs.

Jaltest ADAS

The ADAS systems are advanced driver support systems. These systems are increasingly present in new vehicles. Their functions include adaptive cruise control management, object detection or lane departure detection.

These systems often require readjustment after:

  • Accidents

  • Replacement of windows

  • Replacement of the control unit

  • Chassis modifications

  • ...

Jaltest PTE

Jaltest PTE is a mobile tool, which has been developed to test the power supply and the signals that are sent between tractor and trailer, such as lighting, flashing lights and CAN communication
It is called 2 operating modes depending on the control needed in the tractor or towed vehicle. In addition, Jaltest PTE can be used as an external power supply for the towed vehicle, therefore it is possible to perform diagnostics on the electronic control units without the towing vehicle.

Adblue/DEF Module

Equipment for cleaning crystallised AdBlue/DEF residues in the dosing module, the injector line and the injector.

It applies to:

  • NoNOX system (MAN TGL, TGM, TGS, TGX and Euro 6 buses with AdBlue/DEF Emitec system).

  • Emitec AdBlue/DEF system in vehicles with Cummins engine.

  • Albonair AdBlue/DEF system (VOLVO, RENAULT UD Trucks and other Euro 6 vehicles).

I Parts Assist

The i-Parts Assist is Cojali's latest Parts Support Program aimed at workshops. Through a series of instructions and video tutorials, the workshop can install parts in a simple, fast and autonomous way. This requires specific installation procedures, reprogramming or the use of diagnostic tools.

  1. Location of the code

  2. Introducing the code

  3. Access to information

Jaltest ETM

Jaltest ETM is an extension module from Jaltest, which is used to check brake modulators and sensors directly on the components themselves.

Jaltest ETM module covers a large number of EBS electronic modules:

  • Wabco first, second and third generation

  • Knorr second and third generation

  • Knorr trailer control modules

  • ABS/EBS inductive wheel speed sensors and brake pad wear sensors

Jaltest SST

Jaltest SST is a small portable device designed to check the proper functioning of active and passive speed sensors. The device has two modes of use that include testing of both the sensor and the ECU to which it is connected.

A lighting panel with LEDs allows the user to easily locate potential faults without having to perform difficult and complex tests.

With this product, the user can significantly reduce the time spent on checks and troubleshooting.

Jaltest ISOBUS

Jaltest ISOBUS offers solutions for the digitalization of all types of agricultural machinery, ensuring compatibility between agricultural implements and tractors, regardless of manufacturer. 

  • Full compatibility between agricultural implements and tractors, regardless of manufacturer

  • Controls all agricultural implements from one control terminal in the tractor

  • Optimizes times, raw materials and machines

  • Automates the farming process

  • Maximizes agricultural production and reduces costs

  • Efficient data for processing and future season planning

Jaltest INFO

The Jaltest Info software module is one of the most important added values of the Jaltest diagnostic device.

It includes all the tools that allow the technician to proceed through the diagnostic process and obtain detailed technical information with images, icons, graphs, diagrams and photos to speed up the repair. This information will also help to easily identify the error code, part, location, etc.

This applies to both mechanical and electrical problems and is directly related to the actions to be carried out (test procedures, replacement parts, etc.).

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