Jaltest Multibrand Diagnostic

Jaltest diagnostic systems truck reading equipment

Jaltest the Multibrand diagnostic tool for trucks


Jaltest Diagnostics is brand- and system-independent and enables diagnostics on trucks, trailers, vans, tractors and the diagnostic system can also be used for military vehicles. The Jaltest diagnostic system has a wide coverage of the different electronic systems present on commercial vehicles. Thanks to the Jaltest diagnostic software, making a diagnosis for your vehicle is a simple and quick task. That is why Jaltest is the multi-brand diagnostic tool for you.




Sanders Parts is official distributor of the Jaltest diagnostic systems throughout the Benelux as well as main supplier in Belgium. With Jaltest we are convinced that we can offer you a multi-brand diagnostic device in which we can make the difference. This by a wide range of possibilities: The after-sales service is entirely under our own management and we also organise courses and demos on a regular basis.


One Jaltest interface for all your vehicles


The Jaltest diagnosis system makes multi-brand diagnosis possible. It is very easy and simple to use. That is why Jaltest is the diagnostic solution for all your commercial vehicles.
The Jaltest link interface can be applied to all commercial vehicles, so you only need to provide one interface in the workshop.



Jaltest Link Interface:
Robust diagnostic hardware for commercial vehicles.


Jaltest Software:
The most complete diagnostic software, suitable for performing manual diagnostics, measuring values, with the possibility of reading and erasing error codes, data display, programming functions, calibration functions, reset options.


Jaltest Info:
Vehicle technical information system that allows checking technical data, information or the circuit diagram of each system.


Jaltest ADAS:
ADAS stands for Advanced driver assistance system or advanced driver assistance systems. Are equipment and accessories required for the calibration of ADAS systems for industrial vehicles.


Jaltest GRP:
Workshop management program intended for the organization and management of the workshop activity.


Jaltest ETM:
Is an extension module from Jaltest, which is used to check brake modulators and sensors directly on the parts themselves.


Diagnosis cable set:
From the OBD diagnostic cable to brand specific diagnostic cables.


Jaltest Services:
Via online connection technical assistance, customer service, training and e-learning.


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